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After coming up the ranks at FIG and Café Boulud, chef Brett Cavanna returned to his native New Hampshire to helm the kitchen at Louie’s, before finally migrating south to Savannah. He brings with him a love for simple, pure style of food and flavor. In 2016 Cavanna prepared a Beard House dinner, for the James Beard Foundation.




Raised in eastern North Carolina, Tess Riter started working in restaurants along side her mom at the tender young age of 15. During her teen years onto adulthood she has cultivated a variety of experiences that have shaped her aesthetic: she lived in Belgium with a study abroad program, earned a degree in Fine Art in Photo at Carteret Community College, and moved to Savannah to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). While attending SCAD, Riter worked in fine dining. A year before earning her BFA in photography, she started serving at Local 11ten. As one of the original openers, she gained experience and earned promotions that allowed her to  contribute to making the wine list which led to the opportunity to fully take over  that responsibility full time in 2010. Since then she has created the opening wine list at Public Kitchen and Bar, earned a level one certification from the Court of Master Sommeliers in 2013, became the General Manager of Soho in 2013, and returned to Local 11ten as General Manager in 2014. Additionally, her experience with DRH involves curating the wine list for Soho, Local 11ten, and the newly opened Artillery. In addition to curating these lists, Tess has always strived to exceed the expectations of guests and to create a unique experience to make them feel special. She believes that attending to that one special detail makes all the difference and is what sets DRH apart from the crowd. For her, it’s all in how you say what you say to make the guest’s experience the best possible. She is proud that Local 11ten has long provided an environment that supports these goals.


A resident of downtown Savannah since 1998, Jamie Durrence has a great appreciation for the community and is glad to share in its uniqueness.

A restaurateur for over 15 years with a tenured work history in some of Savannah’s favorite venues,  Durrence is noted for his ambitious entrepreneurial spirit and brings a vast amount of expertise and functional creativity to his concepts.

The driving force behind the restaurants, he strives to maintain the highest standard of

food and service quality by building the relationships between the kitchen, service staffs, and patrons. These relationships package together a friendly, approachable, and welcoming atmosphere that is unmistakable in the remarkable reviews and customer appreciation.

Raised on a working farm in Glennville, Georgia one hour west of Savannah, Durrence graduated from the Savannah College of Art & Design and first worked in New York City for Carollina Herrera and later as Product Manager for Liz Claiborne’s Ellen Tracey label.

He is a decorated national champion equestrian, believes that hard work and dedication are paramount, and that success in all things is measured through integrity.


Nuala O’Kane is a Florida girl, with deep roots in the low country.  Food, the preparing, the serving, the EATING, have always played a central role in her life and livelihood.  Everybody eats, but does everybody do the yummy-dance because the food’s that good? Nuala does! As a long time employee of Daniel Reed Hospitality, Nuala has served in more than one capacity over the years. She has been a host, a marketing maniac, a manager, and a tireless defender of both bad jokes and good food.  She’s one of those people who truly enjoy their work and their play… just ask her!




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